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Diffuse Air by Global Air Supplies – Equal Air Distribution

£36.99£56.99 incl. Vat

Wave goodbye to oscillating fans as the newest ventilation system has arrived, and it is not one to miss! The G.A.S. DiffuseAir system offers you complete control over the climate of your grow room. 

The clever design of the DiffuseAir does pretty much what it says in the name! It ensures that air is diffused uniformly around the grow space, rather than being directed straight at your plants like an oscillating fan would. 

As a result your environment stays consistent, and any microclimates, high humidity zones and hot spots are eliminated. Harsh air streams that a typical fan would produce are gone, helping to decrease the chance of wind burn on the plant itself and salt accumulation in your growth media. It also rids of those inevitable cold spots that an oscillating fan would cause!

The DiffuseAir is flexible and can be used within a couple of different scenarios, though it must always be attached to an extraction fan (not included) to work.

  • Aerodynamically efficient
  •  Proven technology
  •  Ceiling hung for more grow space
  •  Improved Environment = Improved Yields


£9.50£17.50 incl. Vat

Phonic Trap Insulated Ducting

£22.50£144.50 incl. Vat
PhonicTrap™ ultra silent acoustic ducting reduces noise in your ducting system. Growers demanding the best most powerful fans often need to reduce the noise of air moving down ducts. With its non-allergenic insulation it reduces noise without the possibility of contaminating your grow room with glass wool. PhonicTrap™ ducting is simply the best ducting in our industry. • Ultra efficient, high quality product made in France • Non-allergenic (no glass wool) • Noise reduction of the air flow and fan noise  


£38.99£197.99 incl. Vat

Introducing RadAir, a radical new mixed-flow inline fan from ventilation innovators Global Air Supplies.

RadAir is a cost-effective entry-level fan that delivers high air volumes at high air pressure. Ideal for beginners, RadAir mixed flow fans offer a high-power, low noise solution without compromising on air delivery. Great value for money, RadAir fans are a robust, sealed-body unit with built-in mounting brackets designed for easy mounting and cleaning. Available in six sizes, RadAir fans offer plug & play functionality. The IEC connections make installation and use simple and hassle-free. Simple. Economical. Radical.

G.A.S AC1 fan controller

£59.50 incl. Vat
The latest addition to GAS’ range of controllers, the new AC 1 is the easy and effective way to control AC fans. The controller has two modes to ensure you can maintain a perfect environment. Either set fan speed manually, or control thermostatically. Mode 1 - when the temperature probe is connected, the controller will thermostatically control your grow room environment Mode 2 - when the temperature probe is disconnected, the controller will run at minimum set speed The AC 1 automatically increases and decreases the fan speed to maintain your set temperature. When at or below set temperature, the controller maintains your minimum speed. A key feature of the new the AC 1 is the built-in overload protection that monitors the controllers internal temperature. In the case of overload, the controller switches the fans to full speed, protecting your equipment from overheating. AC 1 is compatible with all single speed AC fans up to 5 Amps.
  • Designed to run one or more fans up to 5 Amps
  • Plug & play controller complete with a detachable 2-metre sensor to monitor and create the desired environment
  • Digital sensor measures temperatures from 20°C to 30°C, with a 0.5°C accuracy reading
  • 2°C bandwidth: it will ramp up the fan speed 2°C after set temperature

G.A.S Balancer for Systemair EC Fan Controllers and Fans

£79.99 incl. Vat
This Balancer unit allows you to regulate the difference between your intake fan and your extraction, and is used with your G.A.S. Fan Speed Controller & Vector EC fan set-up

SonicAir Humidifier 10L

£89.99 incl. Vat
The SonicAir humidifier is an affordable and reliable humidifier. It comes with a large 10 litre tank. Fully adjustable output,

G.A.S. Digital EC Fan Controller – For Systemair EC Fans Only

£119.95 incl. Vat

Designed specifically for use with Systemair Vector EC fans
A separate Balancer unit is available that will regulate the difference between intake and extractor fans.

The G.A.S. Digital EC Fan Controller is an essential part of a Systemair Revolution Vector EC fan set-up. Together, they represent the most advanced extraction system on the market. Unlike other duct fans, Vectors have been engineered from the ground up for use in the hydroponics industry, after years of intensive research and development. They have ridiculously powerful digital motors and they're very quiet relative to the volume of air they move (though not 'silent' as some would claim). This controller will regulate fans at airflow levels between 1% and 100% with no buzzing or humming, responding to the conditions in the room with pinpoint accuracy. See the video below for more info.

  • No more humming or buzzing sounds!
  • Easily pays for itself by drastically reducing energy costs
  • Ridiculously powerful electronically commutated (EC) motor
  • Plugs directly into Vector EC fans
  • Highly energy efficient system
  • Maintains an optimal grow room climate
  • Precise climate control - regulates fans from 1% output to 100%
  • Features reactive temperature technology
  • Switches between Fahrenheit and Celsius

G.A.S EC 5 Speed Controller

£144.50 incl. Vat
Take total control over your EC Systemair fans with the EC5 Controller - our newest EC controller. The EC5 Fan Controller plugs directly into any of the Systemair EC fan range. A thermostatic controller with RTT technology - the EC5 Controller intelligently reacts to changes in your grow room temperature and will increase or decrease your fans speeds accordingly. Easy to set up and to use, just plug the controller straight into your EC fan with no power packs required thanks to Active Cables. The EC5 Controller lets you set minimum and maximum fan speeds for intake and outtake fans, desired grow room temperature and maintains negative pressure with the built-in fan balancer. • Control and balance your EC fans • Reactive temperature technology • Set maximum and minimum fan speeds for intake and outtake • Set negative pressure • Powered from your fan no power pack required • Plugs directly into all Systemair’s EC fan range

Hyper Fan V2 controller

£149.50 incl. Vat
Improve environments and increase yields with the Hyperfan V2 Controller from Global Air Supplies. It will help control your Hyperfans to improve your grow environment easily and efficiently. Thermostatically control your intake and outtake fans.
  • Control and balance your Hyperfans
  • Reactive temperature technology
  • Set maximum and minimum fan speeds for intake and outtake
  • Set negative pressure
  • Powered from your fan - no power pack required
  • Plugs directly into all Phresh Hyperfans V2’s