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Ducting T Pieces

£8.00£28.00 incl. Vat
T Piece's are perfect for when you need to split your ducting to 2 different places

Connecting Flanges

£4.50£25.50 incl. Vat

Ducting Reducers

£6.00£17.00 incl. Vat
Ducting reducers are perfect for when space is an issue or you need to use smaller ducting with a larger filter.

FRESH Air Circulator – 2 Speed

£22.00£59.50 incl. Vat
A must-have product to ensure even room temperature and as an aid to plant transpiration. The FRESH Floor Air Circulator features a high performance motor and has a stylish chrome finish, 360 degree tilt adjustment as well as variable speed motors.

Metal Wall Flange

£3.50£9.50 incl. Vat

Gekko Insulated Box Fans

£229.00£350.00 incl. Vat

Gekko Insulated box Fans are quiet and very powerful and perfect for moving large amounts of air for the larger grow rooms.

‘It’s All About The Box’

The highlights of the Gekko are:

Moisture resistant MDF panels to increase your box life.
Hanging spacesaver option available to increase your grow potential.
Maximum noise reduction.
Torin Sifan Fan
Roll top flange spigot to make connecting any ducting easier.
Lightweight so you don’t break your back.
U.K. Manufactured, quality in a box.
PU and Screw assembled, let’s keep it together.
Lead clamp.
CNC precision cut.
Range of sizes and air flow.

Airforce 2 (Iso-Max) Super Silent Tube Fan

£209.00£399.00 incl. Vat

The ISOMAX Acoustic Fans incorporate high quality, high-air movement Etaline fan motors into sealed acoustically dampened cases.

These are ideal for use with carbon filteration because of thier excellent pressure characteristics. They are very quiet and much less obstructive than standard acoustic box fans which are good but bulky. ISOMAX fans are suprisingly lightweight for fans of this size and quality. The ISOMAX fan's also use low-energy motors so they don't require as much electrical power but still maintain high levels of torque to handle carbon filters.

Control Freak Dynamic Frequency Fan Controller

£265.00£310.00 incl. Vat

Cut energy costs & prolong the life of fans without any buzzing! Get your hands on a Control Freak! It’s a real smooth operator!

It won't clip or distort your wave form like other AC fan controllers – it changes your frequency.

This means fans last longer, you save energy and there’s no noise – not even buzzing - it’s freaky!

It’s easy to reach and stay within your target temperature - there are 90 fan speedssettings (from 10 – 100%)! Your fan will move through speeds smoothly.

For complete control, you can change your bandwidth (hysteresis). Set a tight bandwidth for precise temperature control. Or set a loose bandwidth for a smoother speed. 

  • 2 x sockets (for intake & extraction fan)
  • Silent – no buzzing!
  • Low power – especially at slower speeds - mega savings ahead!
  • 90 fan speeds (from 10-100%) for super smooth speed control
  • Extends fan life
  • Smart remote temperature probe (in light shielded case + 4.5m cable)
  • Easy to Use – Plug & Play!
  • Easy to Read! Large LCD display
  • Lightweight
  • 3A & 7A models available
  • Improves safety of fan operation

Save Energy
You use far less power at a slower speed - your power use drops by as much as your fan speed. So when running fans 50% slower, you use 50% less power. Most fan controllers use way more power than this!

90 Speed Settings

You get 90 speeds from 10% - 100%! It’s easier to reach your target temperature and fans run smoothly! 

Connect Multiple Fans

Your controller has two sockets. Use it to run an extractor fan and intake fan from one controller. You can even use an extension lead for multiple intake fans. Just make sure you stay within the amp rating!

Bandwidth Control

Your bandwidth is how much your temperature can rise above your minimum.

Use a tight bandwidth to keep your temperature closer to your target. Or set a wider bandwidth to keep your fans moving smoothly. 

Easy To Use & Set Up

Everything’s plug and play, and you have a large LCD display!

Systemair Revolution Vector EC Fans

£289.95£379.95 incl. Vat
More Efficient, quieter and smaller than traditional duct fans. Simply the most efficient duct fan in the world!
The Revolution EC Vector fan uses the latest state-of-the-art EC technology. The brushless motors are more efficient than traditional motors - and at half speed they use less than half the power, unlike AC motors.
Control and protection electronics are built into the fan.
• Flow optimised free running plastic impeller
• The impeller is balanced to reduce vibration and noise
• Use less than half power at half speed
• Maintenance free and reliable quality - Made in Germany
• 5 Year Guarantee
You will need a G.A.S. fan speed controller to run this fan. The G.A.S. can regulate multiple fans using Y-Splitters, but it regulates the fans at the same output percentage levels. If you intend to run an intake / extraction set-up, we recommend using a smaller fan for your intake than for your extraction, which will maintain negative pressure in the room, preventing unwanted odours from seeping out. A balancer unit is available that allows you to regulate fans at different output percentages, which is useful if you want to use an intake fan that's the same size as your extraction fan.

Systemair Revolution Stratos AC Fans

£159.95£259.95 incl. Vat
An energy efficient, in-line fan with a 230v AC rotor motor.
Air flow is increased using aerodynamically optimised impellers and guide vanes, all while producing lower decibels than most other fans on the market. The Stratos fan can be installed in any position with the mounting bracket.
The Revolution range can handle air flow restriction such as carbon filters far better than any other fan.
• One-piece housing so no possible leaks
• Superior performance and airflow
• Capability to put fans in series to double pressure
• Maintenance free and reliable quality - made in Germany
• Speed controllable (trial or voltage)
• 5 Year Guarantee

Systemair ‘Carbo Air 100’ High Quality Carbon Filters

£397.99£459.99 incl. Vat
CarboAir 100 has been developed to filter very high concentrations of VOCs from larger grow rooms.
CarboAir 100 has a huge 100mm bed of virgin activated carbon and a 1 metre body. This, coupled to our industry leading steel mesh is the most effective filter in the industry. These filters are monsters, designed for the most demanding environments. if you need to clean very large volumes of air or large amounts of unwanted smells, this is the filter for you.
  • Removes even the strongest odours
  • Handmade in Europe
  • Comes with a machine washable pre-filter
  • 18 month guarantee
VIRGIN ACTIVATED GRANULAR CARBON The virgin carbon is activated at temperatures above 1000°C in a humid environment. The process opens the pores of the carbon to give it incredibly high absorption properties of organic particles and other airborne pollutants. The carbon is produced to very high standards in Europe, unlike Chinese filters which often contain cheaper blends and risk water contamination during shipping. Being produced in the EU enables better quality control.The carbon is produced to EN12915 which means it is pure enough to be used in food and drink applications. The size and depth of our filter has been specially designed to provide the correct contact between the contaminated air and carbon.The carbon is double sieved to remove any dust particles which would restrict air flow. Each CarboAir filter is guarantee to a minimum of 18 months because the carbon is pure.All filters are batch tested at source to make sure it passes our quality requirements. FILTER HOUSING The filter mesh is 55.5% open for the best air flow through the filter. Carboair filters have better flow rates, enabling them to utilise a thicker carbon bed compared to competitors. The top flange and bottom flange are preformed and made of the same strong galvanised steel. The carbon is machine packed as tightly as possible into the housing without crushing the carbon granules. The carbon is placed into the casing and put on tremor plates that have precise frequency to vibrate the carbon into a tightly packed uniform filter. A high density foam collar is placed onto the carbon bed before a top plate is added on top of the foam collar. This is then machine compressed, reducing the foam collar to less than 5mm thick. This unique process ensures the carbon will not move or settle. A top flange is fitted, this compresses the carbon further. The whole process is carried out by hand and visually inspected during each stage. The carbon filters are then packed directly into bags and boxed in the factory ready for shipping guaranteeing you receive the best quality filter every time.It has an industrial galvanised steel filter casing. Using the highest quality materials enabled it to use the finest mesh.

Systemair Revolution Stratos AC Silenced Fans

£270.00£360.00 incl. Vat

Revolution Silenced

The Revolution Silenced fan is a class apart, the most efficient fans on the market are then wrapped in an engineered silenced body. The specially designed acoustic body and the acoustic foam halves the noise of the standard fan without reducing the powerful air flow. Our silenced fans are engineered to be sealed, powerful and silent.   The Revolution Stratos AC version offers greater air flow and performance under pressure than any other AC fan on the market. Can be controlled by Triac, Step transformers or frequency controller. 
The Revolution silenced fan is the ultimate in silenced fans. Systemair designed and developed the quietest most efficient fan on the market and then wrapped it in a purposely designed acoustic housing. The white acoustic foam is specially designed to absorb noise without restricting the air flow. The foam is certified for use in air acoustics applications and does not absorb moisture or dust.


£9.50£17.50 incl. Vat

VariiSpeed Fan Controller

£9.99 incl. Vat

This is a budget fan speed controller offering precise control with a variable speed. As a budget product it simply allows the user to plug in their fan and use the dial to adjust the temperature from completely off gradually to full power.

Use the Variispeed fan control for fans up to 300w.

Max/Min Thermometer & Hygrometer

£12.00 incl. Vat
This thermo-hygrometer simultaneously displays both the humidity and temperature in addition to indicating and recording the maximum and minimum temperature and humidity readings. The hygrometer measures both humidity and temperature over the range of -50 to 70°C and 10 to 99%rh utilising the internal sensors.

6″ Clip on Tent Fan

£12.00 incl. Vat

Combi Ducting – 10mtr Lengths

£14.00£34.50 incl. Vat
Combi Ducting - 10mtr Lengths

Maxifan 20cm Oscillating Clip Fan

£14.99 incl. Vat

Oscillates through 180° Fixed fan head position Two fan speeds High quality bearings Robust plastic safety guard Vertically adjustable fan head Clip with integral wall mounting option A fan stand is supplied as an alternative to the clip

16″ Pedestal Fan

£29.00 £22.00 incl. Vat
16" Pedestal fans are perfect for keeping the air moving higher up in the room as they are height adjustable and also speed adjustable to give you complete control.

Phonic Trap Insulated Ducting

£22.50£144.50 incl. Vat
PhonicTrap™ ultra silent acoustic ducting reduces noise in your ducting system. Growers demanding the best most powerful fans often need to reduce the noise of air moving down ducts. With its non-allergenic insulation it reduces noise without the possibility of contaminating your grow room with glass wool. PhonicTrap™ ducting is simply the best ducting in our industry. • Ultra efficient, high quality product made in France • Non-allergenic (no glass wool) • Noise reduction of the air flow and fan noise  

16″ Wall Fan

£45.00 £24.99 incl. Vat
The RAM 400mm (16") wall fan is the ideal unit for a grow room. The oscillating fan comprises 16" blades and 3 speed settings. The unit includes pull cords and will automatically restart after the power is interrupted. The wall fan is perfect to recirculate the air in the grow room and prevent hot or cold spots.  


£38.99£197.99 incl. Vat

Introducing RadAir, a radical new mixed-flow inline fan from ventilation innovators Global Air Supplies.

RadAir is a cost-effective entry-level fan that delivers high air volumes at high air pressure. Ideal for beginners, RadAir mixed flow fans offer a high-power, low noise solution without compromising on air delivery. Great value for money, RadAir fans are a robust, sealed-body unit with built-in mounting brackets designed for easy mounting and cleaning. Available in six sizes, RadAir fans offer plug & play functionality. The IEC connections make installation and use simple and hassle-free. Simple. Economical. Radical.

Ona Breeze Fan

£65.00 £39.50 incl. Vat

Lighthouse 2kw Greenhouse Heater & Fan

£45.00 incl. Vat

2kw Greenhouse Heater

Keep your greenhouse, grow room and grow tent temperatures under control with the LightHouse 2kw Greenhouse Heater. This robust and simple to use heater has a built-in fan to keep air moving over the two heating elements. Three settings:
  • Fan only (no heat)
  • Half power (single element)
  • Full power (both elements)
A reliable heater, the LightHouse 2kw Greenhouse Heater is thermostatically controlled to keep room temperature controlled with minimal effort from the user.

It is essential to provide fresh air exchange for indoor growing environments to maintain healthy plants and achieve maximum yields. Fans allow you to clear the ‘stale’ air from your growroom and replace it with fresh air and when used with a carbon filter can clean the ‘stale’ air before leaving the room itself. Check out our massive range of odour killing products from ONA block’s through to Uvonair’s hugely effective ozone generators.

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Lighthouse 2kw Greenhouse Heater & Fan

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