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VariiSpeed Fan Controller

£9.99 incl. Vat

This is a budget fan speed controller offering precise control with a variable speed. As a budget product it simply allows the user to plug in their fan and use the dial to adjust the temperature from completely off gradually to full power.

Use the Variispeed fan control for fans up to 300w.

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Control Freak Intelligent Digital Single Fan Controller with Probe

£49.99 incl. Vat
The Control Freak Intelligent Fan Controller could not be easier to use, with its ’Plug & Play’ design and two modes of operation. You can use it as a manual fan speed controller or use an additional 5m temperature probe to operate the unit as a fully automatic speed controller. The probe allows you to use a bespoke software system and gives 50 different speed settings to maintain your grow room. This controller has smooth speed control, giving a more accurate and a quieter operation. The temperature adjustment when using the probe his highly accurate with an adjustment of +/- 1°C. Directions of use: Without temperature probe:
  • Plug the fan into the controller and set the minimum fan speed.
  • Plug the controller in a socket and turn on.
With temperature probe:
  • Plug the fan into the controller and set the minimum fan speed.
  • Plug the temperature probe into the controller and set desired room temperature.
  • Place the sensor in the centre of the grow room – never in direct airflow of the fan.
  • Plug the controller into a socket and turn on.
When switched on, the controller and sensor will scan the room. Once complete, the fan will run at the required speed to maintain grow room temperatures, adjusting when necessary.
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G.A.S AC1 fan controller

£59.50 incl. Vat
The latest addition to GAS’ range of controllers, the new AC 1 is the easy and effective way to control AC fans. The controller has two modes to ensure you can maintain a perfect environment. Either set fan speed manually, or control thermostatically. Mode 1 - when the temperature probe is connected, the controller will thermostatically control your grow room environment Mode 2 - when the temperature probe is disconnected, the controller will run at minimum set speed The AC 1 automatically increases and decreases the fan speed to maintain your set temperature. When at or below set temperature, the controller maintains your minimum speed. A key feature of the new the AC 1 is the built-in overload protection that monitors the controllers internal temperature. In the case of overload, the controller switches the fans to full speed, protecting your equipment from overheating. AC 1 is compatible with all single speed AC fans up to 5 Amps.
  • Designed to run one or more fans up to 5 Amps
  • Plug & play controller complete with a detachable 2-metre sensor to monitor and create the desired environment
  • Digital sensor measures temperatures from 20°C to 30°C, with a 0.5°C accuracy reading
  • 2°C bandwidth: it will ramp up the fan speed 2°C after set temperature
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G.A.S Balancer for Systemair EC Fan Controllers and Fans

£79.99 incl. Vat
This Balancer unit allows you to regulate the difference between your intake fan and your extraction, and is used with your G.A.S. Fan Speed Controller & Vector EC fan set-up
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RAM AIR-PRO II Intelligent and Silent Indoor Climate Fan Controller

£109.50 incl. Vat
The RAM AIR-PRO II is an intelligent and silent indoor climate controller designed to control two inline/exhaust fans thermostatically, monitoring and keeping the desired room temperature and air pressure. All you have to do is plug in your fans, set the required air temperature and fan speed/balance and the AIR-PRO will do the rest, maintaining a continuous room temperature in your room and giving you full control over negative pressure. The AIR-PRO II features a remote thermostat sensor and temperature setting, as well as twin fan speed control. This intelligent fan speed controller learns your optimum speed for the temperature/pressure that you desire. The unique software will automatically calculate the running speed for your fans and learn from this to modulate them (ramp down) to a single running speed that maintains the required temperature that you have set. A remote probe is fitted, accurate to within +/- 1 degree, that can be placed in the key temperature sensitive area. The RAM AIR-PRO II looks for a stable fan speed to maintain the desired temperature. This means that your fans will be running below the maximum operating speed. They will be operating at maximum efficiency in reference to power vs. performance, extending fan motor life, whilst only using the minimum electricity required. TIP: For best results, use the AIR-PRO Fan Speed Controller with RAM Inline Fans 100mm go 315mm, however it can be used with other brands to the equivalent size. DO NOT exceed maximum load.  Specification:
  • 1 x 2m remote thermostat sensor
  • Variable temperature control
  • Variable fan speed control
  • Digital display
  • 1 x 2m power lead
  • Up to 7 amps per socket
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G.A.S. Digital EC Fan Controller – For Systemair EC Fans Only

£119.95 incl. Vat

Designed specifically for use with Systemair Vector EC fans
A separate Balancer unit is available that will regulate the difference between intake and extractor fans.

The G.A.S. Digital EC Fan Controller is an essential part of a Systemair Revolution Vector EC fan set-up. Together, they represent the most advanced extraction system on the market. Unlike other duct fans, Vectors have been engineered from the ground up for use in the hydroponics industry, after years of intensive research and development. They have ridiculously powerful digital motors and they're very quiet relative to the volume of air they move (though not 'silent' as some would claim). This controller will regulate fans at airflow levels between 1% and 100% with no buzzing or humming, responding to the conditions in the room with pinpoint accuracy. See the video below for more info.

  • No more humming or buzzing sounds!
  • Easily pays for itself by drastically reducing energy costs
  • Ridiculously powerful electronically commutated (EC) motor
  • Plugs directly into Vector EC fans
  • Highly energy efficient system
  • Maintains an optimal grow room climate
  • Precise climate control - regulates fans from 1% output to 100%
  • Features reactive temperature technology
  • Switches between Fahrenheit and Celsius
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G.A.S EC 5 Speed Controller

£144.50 incl. Vat
Take total control over your EC Systemair fans with the EC5 Controller - our newest EC controller. The EC5 Fan Controller plugs directly into any of the Systemair EC fan range. A thermostatic controller with RTT technology - the EC5 Controller intelligently reacts to changes in your grow room temperature and will increase or decrease your fans speeds accordingly. Easy to set up and to use, just plug the controller straight into your EC fan with no power packs required thanks to Active Cables. The EC5 Controller lets you set minimum and maximum fan speeds for intake and outtake fans, desired grow room temperature and maintains negative pressure with the built-in fan balancer. • Control and balance your EC fans • Reactive temperature technology • Set maximum and minimum fan speeds for intake and outtake • Set negative pressure • Powered from your fan no power pack required • Plugs directly into all Systemair’s EC fan range
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Hyper Fan V2 controller

£149.50 incl. Vat
Improve environments and increase yields with the Hyperfan V2 Controller from Global Air Supplies. It will help control your Hyperfans to improve your grow environment easily and efficiently. Thermostatically control your intake and outtake fans.
  • Control and balance your Hyperfans
  • Reactive temperature technology
  • Set maximum and minimum fan speeds for intake and outtake
  • Set negative pressure
  • Powered from your fan - no power pack required
  • Plugs directly into all Phresh Hyperfans V2’s
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13 Amp Control Freak Dynamic Frequency Fan Controller

£395.00 incl. Vat
Cut energy costs & prolong the life of fans without any buzzing! Get your hands on a Control Freak! It’s a real smooth operator! It won't clip or distort your wave form like other AC fan controllers – it changes your frequency. This means fans last longer, you save energy and there’s no noise – not even buzzing - it’s freaky! It’s easy to reach and stay within your target temperature - there are 90 fan speedssettings (from 10 – 100%)! Your fan will move through speeds smoothly. For complete control, you can change your bandwidth (hysteresis). Set a tight bandwidth for precise temperature control. Or set a loose bandwidth for a smoother speed.
  • 2 x sockets (for intake & extraction fan)
  • Silent – no buzzing!
  • Low power – especially at slower speeds - mega savings ahead!
  • 90 fan speeds (from 10-100%) for super smooth speed control
  • Extends fan life
  • Smart remote temperature probe (in light shielded case + 4.5m cable)
  • Easy to Use – Plug & Play!
  • Easy to Read! Large LCD display
  • Lightweight
  • 3A & 7A models available
  • Improves safety of fan operation
Save Energy You use far less power at a slower speed - your power use drops by as much as your fan speed. So when running fans 50% slower, you use 50% less power. Most fan controllers use way more power than this!

90 Speed Settings

You get 90 speeds from 10% - 100%! It’s easier to reach your target temperature and fans run smoothly!

Connect Multiple Fans

Your controller has two sockets. Use it to run an extractor fan and intake fan from one controller. You can even use an extension lead for multiple intake fans. Just make sure you stay within the amp rating!

Bandwidth Control

Your bandwidth is how much your temperature can rise above your minimum.
Use a tight bandwidth to keep your temperature closer to your target. Or set a wider bandwidth to keep your fans moving smoothly.

Easy To Use & Set Up

Everything’s plug and play, and you have a large LCD display!
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