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Max/Min Thermometer & Hygrometer

£12.00 incl. Vat
This thermo-hygrometer simultaneously displays both the humidity and temperature in addition to indicating and recording the maximum and minimum temperature and humidity readings. The hygrometer measures both humidity and temperature over the range of -50 to 70°C and 10 to 99%rh utilising the internal sensors.

Lighthouse 2kw Greenhouse Heater & Fan

£45.00 incl. Vat

2kw Greenhouse Heater

Keep your greenhouse, grow room and grow tent temperatures under control with the LightHouse 2kw Greenhouse Heater. This robust and simple to use heater has a built-in fan to keep air moving over the two heating elements. Three settings:
  • Fan only (no heat)
  • Half power (single element)
  • Full power (both elements)
A reliable heater, the LightHouse 2kw Greenhouse Heater is thermostatically controlled to keep room temperature controlled with minimal effort from the user.

Control Freak Intelligent Digital Single Fan Controller with Probe

£49.99 incl. Vat
The Control Freak Intelligent Fan Controller could not be easier to use, with its ’Plug & Play’ design and two modes of operation. You can use it as a manual fan speed controller or use an additional 5m temperature probe to operate the unit as a fully automatic speed controller. The probe allows you to use a bespoke software system and gives 50 different speed settings to maintain your grow room. This controller has smooth speed control, giving a more accurate and a quieter operation. The temperature adjustment when using the probe his highly accurate with an adjustment of +/- 1°C. Directions of use: Without temperature probe:
  • Plug the fan into the controller and set the minimum fan speed.
  • Plug the controller in a socket and turn on.
With temperature probe:
  • Plug the fan into the controller and set the minimum fan speed.
  • Plug the temperature probe into the controller and set desired room temperature.
  • Place the sensor in the centre of the grow room – never in direct airflow of the fan.
  • Plug the controller into a socket and turn on.
When switched on, the controller and sensor will scan the room. Once complete, the fan will run at the required speed to maintain grow room temperatures, adjusting when necessary.


£59.50 incl. Vat
The LightHouse 3kW Greenhouse Heater is a great tool to use when trying to maintain temperatures during the cooler months. The 3kW powerful output means it can quickly and effectively heat up large spaces. It also allows growers to reach and preserve the desired temperature allowing their plants to thrive. The simple but robust design allows growers to easily use and place in a busy grow room environment. Also, the added feature of 3 power control of different heat settings means the heater is multipurpose, being able to be used both as a heater and a fan. Key USPs:
  • Easy to use, simplistic and robust design
  • Quiet Running
  • 3 Power Control Settings
  • Dual use – can be used as both a heater and a fan
  • High performing and powerful heater at 3 kW
  • Overheating safety protection
  • Precise temperature control with the sensitive thermostat
Technical specifications:
Settings Fan only; 1500 W; 3000 W
Mains input AC 220 – 240 V | 50 Hz
Net Weight 3.6 KG
Power 3050 W
Dimensions 245 x 240 x 310
Plug Fuse 13 A
Thermal Protection (internal) 55 °C
Rating IP24
Science Behind the Product This is a fan heater that works by pushing hot air out via an element and fan, being 3 kw, it is more powerful than the majority of hobbyist heaters in the market and enter the ‘professional’ arena of shop space heaters A function without heater setting means the product can also be used as a simple fan to provide cool and circulating air. The tubular design is considered ‘professional’ as it emulates gas heaters and is considered more efficient in both its output and the space that it inhabits. Includes:
  • 1 x LightHouse 3kW Greenhouse Heater
  • 1 x Multi Language Instructions

Smart Gro Oil Heaters

£65.00 incl. Vat
Smart Gro Oil Heaters These Smartgro Heaters are an easy and energy efficient way of providing low-cost, constant background heating to your grow room. • 3 Heat Settings • Thermostatic Control • Overheat Protection • Heats Up To 10m2 • Maintenence Free