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£20.00 incl. Vat
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Powerplant Metal Halide Lamps – 400w & 600w

£25.00£30.00 incl. Vat
  • high output
  • long life span
  • suitable for universal positioning
  • white light for high quality
wattage: 400w --- current: 4.6A --- voltage: 100V --- lumens: 40,000lm --- colour temp: 4200K --- life hours: 10,000 --- par value: 500 umol/s --- lamp fitting: E40 --- lamp shape: BT63
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Sylvania Grolux High Pressure Sodium 600w/400v Lamp

£39.00 incl. Vat

Sylvania Grolux 600W/400V Lamp

The Sylvania Grolux 600W/400V lamp comes with patended arc tube technology that delivers the highest rate of photosynthesis efficiency of any lamp in the world.

The performance is maintained at an exceptional standard due to the improved build and structure of the outer structure of the lamp, as well as being perfectly optimised for the highest Phytolumens or PAR output – the GroLux light spectrum maximises the red output essential for plant growth and flowering. The GroLux is also an industry leader in lumen maintenance with a whopping 95% at the end of lamp life!

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