Choosing the correct growing system is one of the most important decisions you will make as an indoor grower. There are many different systems to choose from but you can narrow these choices down by first deciding whether you want Hand feed, grow organically, in coco coir, soil or hydroponically. Once you have decided on the growing method which best suits you then you have to make the choice as to which system best fits that method.
We have many hydroponics systems using a wide range of hydroponic techniques such as NFT, Flood & Drain, Deep Water Culture and Drip Irrigation. If you would prefer to keep it simple and hand feed we also sell a wide range of pots and saucers. Or maybe you’d prefer to build your own system, to help we stock a massive range of irrigation fittings needed to construct your own system.
If you are still unsure as to which system best suits your needs or would just like some expert advice please either call in to our store or call us on 0114 245 8581 and we will be happy to help.

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Air/Nutrient Manifold

£1.50£4.00 incl. Vat
Air/Nutrient Manifold

Spreader Mat

£2.50£7.00 incl. Vat

Round Copper Disc – Small

£1.00 incl. Vat
Small Round Copper Disc's, Perfect For IWS Inner Pots

Round Copper Disc – Large

£2.00 incl. Vat
Large Round Copper Disc's, Perfect For IWS Inner Pots