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Canna Coco Professional Plus+ 50L

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CANNA Coco Professional Plus is a coco-based growing medium that offers the gardener and his plants many advantages in comparison with other substrates:
  • CANNA Coco Professional Plus is a pure, organic product with a homogeneous structure and has had a full buffering, eliminating the side effects of growing on coir, as coir could consume some of the nutrients.
  • CANNA Coco Professional Plus is free of harmful viruses and soil diseases, thanks to CANNA’s unique production process.
  • CANNA Coco Professional Plus has a complex water/air system that provides the ideal conditions for growing plants.
  • CANNA Coco Professional Plus can be used a number of times and makes an excellent potting mix improver after use.
CANNA Coco Professional Plus is a top quality coco product that more than meets the strictest RHP standards. It distinguishes itself from other coco substrates by using first class raw materials and having optimum structure and purity. CANNA Coco Professional Plus consists of 45% wood cellulose which ensures that the physical characteristics are retained for a long time. The water/air ratio is 73%/23%. As well as this, a special procedure is followed for rinsing and buffering the coco flakes which are tuned to the needs of plants. This is necessary for achieving ideal growing conditions in the substrate so that the plant can develop optimally from the start of cultivation.

User Instructions

Use pots of at least 5 litres. The larger the pot the more constant the root environment will be. If you use CANNA Coco Professional Plus in combination with the fertilisers from CANNA’s COCO range designed for this purpose, then you are investing in quality and certainty!
  • The plastic packaging is 100% recyclable
  • CANNA COCO Professional Plus is a 100% natural product, made from coco
  • Contents 50 L
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Gold Label 60/40 Coco/Pebble Mix – 50l Bag

£16.00 incl. Vat
Gold Label 60/40 Coco/Pebble Mix - 50l Bag Discounts available on 10+ bags - call for details.
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Ecothrive Coco Lite 50L

£17.50 incl. Vat

Ecothrive Coco Lite 50L

The perfect mix of 70% Coco Coir and 30% Perlite for optimum aeration, pre-blended with Ecothrive Charge for an unbeatable biological boost.

Why blend coco with perlite?

Perlite increases the amount of air within the mix and reduces the water holding capacity. This creates a lighter mix with better drainage and improved resistance to compaction.

Plants grown in Ecothrive Coco Lite will show improved root growth, quicker establishment, a faster growth rate and are less prone to the effects of over watering than pure coco coir.

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