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Round Saucer – Black

£1.50£4.00 incl. Vat
Heavy duty, reusable black pots suitable for a variety of pot sizes.  Featuring a deep ridged base, these pots aid water drainage but also help retain water and soil spillages keeping the growing area clean.
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Round Pot

£1.50£8.50 incl. Vat
Round Pot
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Root Pouches Grey Fabric Pot

£2.50£4.50 incl. Vat
Root Pouches are degradable fabric plant pots made from 100% recycled materials and are washable, durable and reusable. The insulated material keeps out the winter cold, but allows roots to cool in the summer. Both air and water can pass through the material freely, allowing the roots to breathe and take up oxygen efficiently. The Root Pouches are also great with drip systems, and can speed up the vegetative stage, boosting plant growth. Benefits include:
  • Washable, durable and reusable
  • Available from 16L to 39L
  • Insulation from winter cold
  • Great with drip systems
  • Boosts plant growth
The dimensions for each pot are as follows (in cm): 16L – 28 x 26 22L – 30.5 x 28 30L – 35.5 x 30 39L – 40.5 x 30.5
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15ltr Square Pot

£3.20 incl. Vat
11ltr Square Auto Pot
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Square Atami Pot – 18l

£3.50 incl. Vat
18Ltr Square Atami Pot
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Ultra Heavy Duty Net Pot 200mm

£5.00 incl. Vat
Ultra Heavy Duty Net Pot 200mm
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Stewart Growbag Tray

£7.00 incl. Vat
Stewart Growbag Tray 100x39x5cm
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Garland Standard Tray 56cm x 40cm x 40mm

£11.00 incl. Vat
Garland Standard Tray 56cm x 40cm x 40mm The smallest in our range of tough injection moulded garden trays. An ideal water reservoir tray for pots and seed trays. 9 Litre internal capacity.
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Garland Square 60cm x 60cm x70mm deep

£14.50 incl. Vat
Garland Square 60cm x 60cm x70mm deep This tough, injection moulded tray has a number of valuable applications. With a depth of 7cm, this is deeper than our standard trays. It has a 25 Litre internal capacity and is ideally sized for standard greenhouse staging.
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ROOT MASS 30 LITRE (PACK OF 5) Fabric Pots

Original price was: £22.99.Current price is: £14.50. incl. Vat

Root MASS Fabric Pots are becoming a firm favourite with growers. They are made from a breathable fabric which work as a great alternative to traditional plastic pots. Root MASS fabric pots have multiple benefits:

• They promote the air pruning of roots and eliminate root circling

• They help to improve root structure and mass

• They aerate the root zone and help to regulate temperatures

• The porous fabric provides excellent drainage which prevents over watering

• They can be used in hydro systems! Water can penetrate the pot and be absorbed by the medium.

They also act as a filter

• The containers are flexible and can be folded up and stored when not in use

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