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£14.50 incl. Vat
Refill Pack for The Enhancer TNB CO2  Dispersal Canister.. This safe and effective solution for CO2 supplementation creates a blast of CO2 that can reach 1200 PPM in a 12x12x12 area for up to 2 weeks (extraction dependent).


£29.50 incl. Vat
The Enhancer is an all natural CO2 generator made from 100% organic ingredients. This safe and effective solution for CO2 supplementation creates a blast of CO2 that can reach 1200 PPM in a 12 x 12  x 12 foot area for up to 2 weeks (extraction dependent). Activate The Enhancer by adding 1 litre of warm water, placing the lid back on, removing the sticker on the lid, covering the small hole with your thumb and giving the bottle a quick shake.  For optimal performance shake The Enhancer once a day in a 12 x 12 x 12 foot area and once every second day in a 6 x 6 x 6 foot area. Simple, easy to use and effective!


£35.00 incl. Vat
The worlds first remote controlled CO2 dispenser with built in light sensor. Airbomz brings you the latest innovative technology in hydroponic plant growth for explosive indoor growing. Designed for small to medium grow tents, by omitting measured amounts of CO2 at set intervals the ambient CO2 levels in your grow space will be raised to an ideal 1200 ppm which is perfect for explosive plant growth. - Produces no heat - Battery powered - Can increase your yield up to 50% - Shortens the crop cycle - It allows higher growing temperatures and humidity

House & Garden Cocos (A&B Set)-10l

£60.00 incl. Vat
Coco fibre growing medium is known for its capillary action, it retains water and nutrients for a long period of time. For this reason cultivation in Coco requires a very well balanced main feed. House and Garden Coco Bloom nutrients are manufactured based on the needs of UK based growers. One of our most popular lines, House & Garden Coco Bloom feed stands above the competition. House & Garden Coco Bloom feed provides your plants with all the essential minerals needed to produce large crops with superior aromas and flavours.