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A String of Hearts is a pretty trailing houseplant, also known as Ceropegia woodii or Rosary Vine. This semi-succulent plant is easy to care for and a perfect plant to begin with if you are just starting out with your indoor gardening.  The Rosary Vine falls into the same category as another gorgeous succulent vine; the Hoya.

Tips on Growing String of Hearts/Rosary Vine

The String of Hearts is a wispy vine; it is known for its pretty heart shaped leaves and gorgeous pattern. A healthy vine will produce a lot of small purple flowers on numerous stems.

Here are some things you should know if you would like to grow a Rosary Vine:

Outdoor Growing for Larger Trails

If you grow a String of Hearts as an indoor houseplant the trails of the vine may get as long as two feet but if you find this vine out in the wild the trails can grow as long as twelve feet. If you have the climate to grow your String of Hearts outdoors you will get much longer trails.

Heat Without Direct Sunlight

Rosary Vines like very bright light but beware of direct sunlight. Keep your plant in a west facing window with a little space between the hot glass and your plant. If you are planting it outside, provide some shade.

Dry Out Between Watering

The String of Hearts is much more tolerant of dry soil than wet. Allow your plant to dry out completely between waterings and when you do water – water sparingly. Your String of Hearts will rot in too much water. If you are in doubt, keep it dry, you can always add a little bit of water later.

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Propagate String of Hearts

A String of Hearts is fairly easy to propagate. There are a few different ways to go about propagating a String of Hearts.

Place Stem Cuttings in Water

The first is by placing the stem cuttings in water. This method is popular because it is so easy.

Cut vine pieces a few inches long and place the part you want to root in a vase of warm water.

Remove any leaves from the part that is in the water.

The part that is out of the water should have at least a few leaves. The water should be placed in a warm area with lots of bright light. Change the water every couple of weeks and just wait for your cuttings to root.

The time needed will depend on the amount of light and heat your cuttings are provided with.

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Place Stem Cuttings in Soil

Similar to the above method, you will need to take some cuttings from the mother vine. Place the cuttings directly into the soil this time. This method may be more successful if you place the cuttings in a mix specifically formulated for propagation.

Some people also report more success by dipping the ends of their cuttings into a  rooting hormone. Regardless, ensure that the soil you use is light and aerated so you give those tiny roots a fighting chance.

Leave your cuttings in a warm space with plenty of bright light. Keep them away from the bright sun and keep the soil a little bit damp. You can do this by watering about once a week. Be careful not to let your cuttings get too cold.

Using the Tubers

If you look closely at your String of Hearts you will see tubers of various sizes all along the vines. Fill a small pot with succulent and cactus mix and lay the vines with tubers on top. Cover them up with more of the potting mix. Water each week and keep your plant in bright light. With time, new roots will form from the tubers.

Tubers with Stems

This is not unlike the method described above except the stem is still attached to the mother plant. Lift the trails from the mother plant with tubers and place them in a separate pot with potting mix. Put a little more of the soil on top of the tuber, water it about once a week. Place it in bright light, keep it warm and wait. After the tuber has rooted you cut the stem. It won’t be long and you will have a nice new String of Hearts plant!

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