There are plenty of tools available to aid you with indoor growing, from ventilation and humidity controllers to timers, sprayers and watering cans. There really is a massive range of products that will make a big difference to how your indoor garden performs and how you manage it.
A look through our product rage should allow you to find a few gadgets which will help you manage your indoor garden and unlock it’s full potential.

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£1.00 incl. Vat
A clean and sharp blade is vital for successful cuttings. These razor sharp scalpels come sealed to ensure a clean and sterile blade, reducing the risk of contamination when slicing through plant stems.

Yo-Yo’s – Plant Supports

£1.20 incl. Vat
Yo-Yo's support plants easily with up to 60 inches of retractable line. The line retracts as the plant grows, providing perfect support throughout the plant's life. Heavy duty plastic housing.

PH Test Kit – Liquid 6 – 7.6

£2.50 incl. Vat
Low or high pH levels affect the availability of the minerals required by the plant. The correct pH range for hydroponics is between 5.5 and 6.5, for soil it is not so critical, but generally around 6.3; outside of these figures nutrient problems will quickly occur as minerals become insoluble. The nutrient strength needs to be matched to the current stage of plant development. Too high a concentration can quickly burn a plant, whilst too low produces pale, weak growth. Measuring is knowing. Good results are attainable by anyone prepared to stick to this rule. Whimsical guesswork rarely leads to success! The Nutriculture pH Test Kit allows quick and accurate monitoring of pH levels in your nutrient solution. For accurate acidity testing follow the procedure below. •Take a 2ml sample of solution from the tank in the test tube provided. •Add 2 drops of reagent. •Shake the test tube and compare the colour against the test strip to determine the acidity. •Discard the test solution and rinse out the test tube. •Adjust the pH of your nutrients and retest if neccessary.